THEY came to demonstrate against the Government. They finished by drinking and chatting with Government representatives and guests.
Standing quietly outside a Collins St theatre with placards, and wearing badges demanding aboriginal land rights, about 25 students from Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney were asked inside to join a Government function.
“It’s cold out here. Why don’t you come inside?” asked the Federal Minister in charge of Aboriginal Affairs, Mr Wentworth.
And for the students it was their turn to argue, discuss and listen to other views.
“It was a beaut suggestion. We could put forward our ideas and hear the other side,” said Canberra first-year science student Owen Evans.
The function was in connection with National Aboriginal Day and included a film.
At the function Mr Wentworth urged Australians to help in what he called a “crisis time.”
He said the aboriginal needed help to pass through an ‘inevitable crisis.”