I don’t doubt the learned wisdom and intellectual experience of scientist Dr A. Moir about the differences in male and female brains (January 15), but I would like to point out that these kind of books- generalising about the sexes – is the core of the problem that engenders prejudice against women.

Why? Because it doesn’t take account of individuality and the traits of a particular person. May I suggest that the consequences of these generalisations is that men and women are stereotyped into a specific role with a specific personality. I argue that there can be as much difference within the sexes as there supposedly in between them.

The quiz the story included did highlight the notion that many women may have braisn like men, but then what? How are they regarded by most men? After all, they’re women and they’re different, not like us. Likewise for men who happen to be more sensitive and emotional. They’re not real men?

Surely it’s about time someone wrote a book about being human, appreciating the uniqueness of us all, be we men or women. Maybe then, we can end the so-called sex war and break the stereotyped boundaries that too often limit us all.