To read The New Assault on Women (The Age, 16/10) is to read once more about the denigration and humiliation of women. But it is time we acknowledged that it’s not men who are culpable, Dr Greer, but women themselves. Yet, by blaming men, you deny women and teenage girls any sense of individual self-respect and accord them no intellectual responsibility or physical independence in their sexual relationships.
Moreover, your exaggerated generalisations undermine the assertive sense of ourselves and dignity we have fought so hard for over the past 30 years, and sadly, you refuse to consider the power women have to direct their own sexual destiny. If men won’t wear condoms, women don’t have to have sex with them. It is our choice.
If women are without wombs in 1997, it is up to women to change that. How much longer are you going to strip women of their confidence and cast men as wicked, lascivious satyrs with no respect for us. Are we still hapless victims?
Indeed, I can only wonder if you have any respect for yourself or women at all. Certainly, it appears you have none for men, and if that’s where your life has taken you, I can only pity your lamentable plight.
May I suggest you penetrate your own psyche and learn to like yourself- physically speaking, that is. You may discover that most women do have wombs, after all.