While women are supposedly breaking through the glass ceiling in their business careers, there is undoubtedly one business they will never shatter: Australian Rules football on TV. I was stunned when watching the first edition of Seven’s AFL Today (28/3) to see a young woman (blonde, of course!) introduce the program, though have no real input.We learned she supported Carlton, that Sandy Roberts and Gerard Healy thought favourably of her (physically, that is) but did she know anything about football? We never found out, because apparently football and women are a contradiction in terms as far as TV coverage of football is concerned. This woman was obviously a token female, there for her physical appeal and nothing else. It’s 1998, but it appears Seven is still locked into the traditional stereotypes of women as mere sexual appendages of men. There must be an attractive young woman who knows about football-it’s time Channel 7 acknowledged this fact. Its present attitude is an insult to the intelligence of female supports of this great game!