Sam – you’re a very sexy, gorgeous hunk of the male species (albeit an ageing one), but your verbal patter-once clever, smart, witty- has sadly become pitifully predictable. Last Thursday night (12/8) I waited to hear you slag Age chief football writer Caroline Wilson, and you certainly didn’t disappoint me. But how utterly boring it all was! Surely, it would have been far more exciting and novel to have said something salacious and sexy about her, but then, your damning comments are no longer amusing; they’re just unimaginatively prosaic (sexism notwithstanding). Frankly, I only watch the show now because I too am a sexist, and enjoy ogling the virile male studs that decorate your panel. Please Sam, get some new lines and recover your intellectual creativity lest your mind wrinkle like other parts of your anatomy obviously haven’t.