As a 60-something and probably old enough to be a grandmother to some of today’s young footballers, I reflect on a great memory of a consensual sexual dalliance with a footballer in the 1970s. He was respectful, intelligent and we became mates of a kind as he supplied me with finals tickets when I needed them. He was as much my “loot”, my “spoils” and my “toy” as I might have been to him. He also had one of the most physically beautiful bodies I’ve ever bedded (anonymous of course!). Social media wasn’t even on the radar then, but gossip allowed for much the same thing. But who cared as it was my choice. Amy Gray suggests the AFL has “dark corners” (“Secret footballer shines light in AFL’s dark corners”, Comment 4/3). She misses the point that for many females now, as I was in my carefree youth, we wanted to shine the light in the bedroom as much as the Secret Footballer (1/4) has done. It takes two, or possibly three or more, to tango in consensual sex, and everyone can have a good time, hopefully.