Today 4 June 2014, there was an article in the only remaining quasi-quality newspaper in Melbourne Australia The Age recalling the students’ massacre in Tiananmen Square on June 3 1989. Twenty-five years ago, but the article points out that imprisonment of those who dissent and disagree with the current communist government is a ‘new repression (as) a bitter echo of the past’. It claims two Chinese intellectuals have been imprisoned and ‘both have been refused access to their usual medicine …and both were reportedly offered pills they didn’t recognise….’ the article goes on to say that a feature of the regime is one in which ‘lies and brutality beget more lies and brutality’ and where millions of people are intimidated into saying ‘nice things and agreeable words’. I read this and felt renewed horror at not just what happened to me on August 23 2013 and for the two months after in Melbourne Australia but what I must live like now – in the here and now. Why? I have written previous blogs about whose mental madness and all I can say is that I have started writing another on the horrifying reality I experienced at the behest of my sister last year. Not just by my sister but this Victorian Government’s police officers, paramedics and public hospital shrinks. It was a tortuous experience and I too was refused my usual asthma medication in a secluded locked prison where I felt tortured and persecuted for a reason I could not even begin to rationally understand. (I’ve had asxthma all my life and have nearly died it from twice). Moreover, I was arrested, handcuffed and brutalised by the police and paramedics who burst into my apartment and took me to a public hospital where I left to died in a back room in emergency- where my reasonable pleas for water were ignored for more than an hour which led me to screaming and yelling every ugly swear word to get attention as I felt like I was dying….still handcuffed. The following two months were a horrifying nightmare where I was denied other necessary medicine, supposed to take Valium which I only once took for a back spasm and couldn’t take it, and was later left to really die from asthma and pneumonia in a room in the hospital despite me telling the nurses I couldn’t breathe and had asthma. I will later finish writing the blog outlining in more detail what transpired; but since being released on probation I am also intimidated by my sister to say ‘nice things and agreeable words’- not just to her but to the shrinks and case manager I am required by law to see. I am a prisoner in this city; frightened by my sister to speak my truth- without any human rights and abuse by the so-called laws which we believe are democratic in this country. Yes, I am living in Melbourne Australia NOT China but the parallels are indeed horrifying- and I’m not lying. It’s the horrifying truth about his country. And what was my crime you might want to know? I don’t know – I don’t like my sister and am now so frightened of her it’s even more horrifying. I just wanted to post this to let U know what a sick country Australia is too. I have no money to get out of here but the repression of my right to dissent and disagree with those in powerful positions is all pervasive for me. My crime may be to tell the truth- and I am reminded of the movie The China Syndrome where Jack Lemon starts to tell the truth on TV about a nuclear reactor close shave only to be shot dead by invading police. Who’s sane in our sick world and while I’m alive, sometimes I would be better off if they had shot me too. What does democracy and freedom let alone human rights mean in Australia – and I’m not the only one of course. Just read what we do to asylum seekers—I can’t write anymore.