Idealistic naivete may well characterise many young people, but political ignorance, even apathy, may also underpin the nature of our youth. (“The government lets oldies rip-off the young”, Comment, 17/6). Political education is not compulsory at VCE level and I can only wonder just how many young people are interested in the “evil genius of our politicians”. They “have only a vague inkling of the extent to which successive governments have been screwing them” because they do not regularly read newspapers, watch TV current affairs or listen to pertinent radio broadcasts, because, may I suggest, they’re so preoccupied with more significant issues such as body image, dating, sex and viewing themselves in selfies.

It is glib to blame governments per se as we must all accept the responsibility involved in participatory democracy. Maybe, too, young people should be allowed to enjoy their youth in carefree and blissful environs, without the concerns of the oldies. Why should they worry in their teens and 20s about buying their own homes down the journey of life when the elixir of travel and adventure beckon? We should be educating our young about the complexities inherent in politics as well as allowing them to revel in their youth without thinking about the burden of wearisome old age.