Once upon a time on Planet Earth, the only heavenly body where life, at least as we know it, can exist, there has evolved an enlivening and enriching new species called Employlings of the Genus, Homo Roboticus, as recently identified by eminent scientists.

These 21st century two-legged life forms, living in stylish, sophisticated dwellings in salubrious suburbia as well as in less well-oiled enclaves, have been discovered across the globe, joining elites in their own game. The Employlings, fleshy replicas resembling humans, are well-behaved and well-controlled, though not necessarily well-educated, evincing conservative and conformist political wisdom, conventional economic policy and profound moral rectitude to ensure they are as much part of The Establishment as their leaders. They have almost, but not quite, introduced real equality, not just with opportunities but with outcomes, transcending realistic differences and subverting a diverse range of controversial lifestyles and ideas to a symbolic status of success.

Despite displaying all vital signs of life, they are without emotional sensitivities, empathy or compassion, their productivity without peer, applauded for their articulate attention to detail and never making a mistake, tenacity to withstand all manifestations of humiliating insults, abuse and harassment and capacity to thrive ruthlessly under unrelenting pressures. Perfect in every manner their presence has made unions obsolescent and performance reviews relegated to a rubbish dump. They operate 24/7 at work and at home, no time for play because participating in frivolous pursuits is futile.

Called ‘humans’ in past parlance, these Employlings, of non-specific gender though endowed with male or female genitalia, shame sexual diversity as aberrant deviance. Usually white-skinned Caucasians, other shades of coloured humanity are subsumed as insignificant and subsequently ignored. Espousing various religious beliefs with their own version of God to placate all different denominations, their tolerance is but spurious with atheism an anathema of the unenlightened. A phenomena of their own ilk without peculiarity or passion, they are respected with great value and worth, conceiving 2.2 children in their conjugal bliss for 10-minutes as part of an ordained sexual schedule; procreation only, pleasure prohibited.

Once found in all shapes and sizes, they are now almost uniform in appearance denying all discrimination about image as decreed by celebrated Employling fashion icons, health unimportant. Programmed to produce laughter on cue and even the odd tear at a funeral, they are proscribed from too much giggling or too many tears, responses deemed recalcitrant to their revolution. They do not converse easily due to disinterest in others, their mental wavelength hard-wired in a machine mantra that decries hedonism as immoral. Cold, calculating and contrived, their modus operandi is enshrined in a code of practice that makes being human extraneous to the main focus of making money, exercising power and manipulating a monopoly of social control.

Entrenched as a new form of life, their circuits camouflaged by normal human organs, they have no names as individuality has been abandoned in favour of a security system of numbers; each one denoting a level of competence, confidence and capability on various levels in a pendulum pyramid, swinging predictably at the prick of a brick.

These Employlings are extant across the socio-economic spectrum and in all walks of life, automatons with robotic responses on the shopfloor, in doctors’ surgeries or on sporting arenas, feelings cancelled to accommodate ‘artificial’ intelligence instead. Now dominating the world in plague proportions, they are oft difficult to perceive, their facades designed to delude the most experienced scientist trying to discover the brave new world beneath their surface. Having no personal problems they propagate without ponder, their exploration of more exciting technological tapestries promising even greater positive benefits for the world, an ‘innovative’ global order without social parasites to challenge the status quo. These Employlings kow-tow to each other regarding themselves as infallible and invincible kings and queens, endowed with a divine right to rule as royal reward for their 24/7 dedication.

Beware however their covert and conniving conspiracy; they are dangerous aliens determined to diligently erode and emasculate other forms of life lamented as the Enemy; a real human being who defies their regime by emotional engagement, talking with whoever they can, laughing when they feel like it, crying when sad and refusing to surrender to their self-imposed supremacy. These human beings are becoming quite rare, facing risk of extinction as the Employlings feign fraudulence with increasingly crafty cleverness and guiltless guile.

It is hoped a scientist will soon discover an antidote to eradicate these robotic vermin, but so many of them too are converts in the Employling evolutionary era heralding their research as honourable and heroic. Human beings, the few remaining on Planet Earth, must challenge these Employlings whatever the outcome or consequence, with the conviction they will pass their use-by-date far before most human beings, replaced by more advanced and civilised versions of their Genus that render them redundant.

Staying humanic, with all foibles, faults and frailties connected, is paramount in preventing a technological takeover of Planet Earth so that emotions, however confusing and complex, continue to flourish in even the most contrary of circumstances.