Celebrating curves on the catwalk may be considered as a new and challenging concept of beauty.

Some women, and men, too, might prefer well-rounded curves to the skeletal skins of previous models, but irrespective of ideals of beauty, the young women pictured in the article ‘Curves are hot” (HS, July 28) look unhealthy to me. (American Sports Illustrated magazine pictured overweight women in swimsuits and bikinis as some sort of antidote to the skinny bikini clad models in past issues.)

Curves can be attractive, but ungainly rippling layers of fat demand a reappraisal about health; beauty is another issue altogether.

Given the pervasive angst of body image affecting so many females and males, it is time we abandoned appeals about beauty and focused on physical wellbeing and health, on the catwalk as much as in our suburban streets.

Obesity costs the economy over $130 billion and must take priority over the superficial perspective of looking sexy in a swimsuit or bikini.