No gender in tragedy

The tragic truth about the growing incidence of domestic violence, may I contend, is not that it’s a cultural issue demanding “a long-term effort” to change, but more to do with a psychopathology perpetrated by disturbed men. (“Home death toll grows”)HS, Oct.18.

Research has revealed that when females are violent, they are treated as mentally ill, while males are castigated simplistically as angry and disrespectful towards women.

In some attempt to alleviate the toll on women in the home, it is imperative those working in the field acknowledge men as mentally ill, too.

The cultural perspective undermines the profound gravity involved in anyone taking another’slife which is too often ignorantly misunderstood as an extreme emotional response, however unconscious.

Homicide may be part of the human condition, but it is complex and confusing and should be perceived as a mental health problem, for both genders.