Parents need to lift

GIVEN the incidence of stress-related ill health such as obesity, alcoholism, heart disease, cancer, depression and anxiety among others, it is disturbing but not surprising that parents don’t know basic life skills. (Teach kids ‘life skills’”, HS, Feb 21)

Without this knowledge, how do they-can they- expect to manage their households financially and domestically and raise well-adjusted kids?

With young people apparently experiencing more mental health issues, maybe adults should consider the realities involved in procreation, instead of just unthinkingly having children as part of a social norm.

It should not be schools who instil these basic skills but families, and the best way of achieving that is for adults to perform these skills themselves.
It is a known fact that parents are role-models and emulated by their kids.

So maybe more adults should attend a special school to acquire these skills first, thereby ensuring school students can learn about the humanities and the arts as well as maths, English and science instead of how to understand one’s spending or prepare spaghetti bolognese.