Equality still a quest

THERE are great changes to applaud in the quest for equality for women over past decades on International Women’s Day, but so much more needs to be achieved.

Laws may have changed and some quotas introduced, with women no longer “barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen”. But strong and empowered women can be intimidating not just to some men, but women, too, who adhere to traditional stereotypes of being a dutiful mother, meticulous homemaker and docile subordinate in the bedroom.

This is not to imply these women are intrinsically lesser females, but it is still the accepted norm for males to be the major breadwinners and women the primary caregivers of children in the home.

I can only hope the future is indeed bright for young girls now to pursue their individual choices freely without fear of criticism for daring to be different by seeking out opportunities other females may not want or enjoy.