A problem with sex

I HAVE not perused any of the “sickening” or “disgusting” social media comments about Tayla Harris, but can only surmise these trolls have a problem with sex.

Obviously, they are unable to appreciate football either, yet this does not intrinsically make them sexist, just sexually aberrant.

As a football addict for more than 50 years, I oft admired male footballers for their trim, taut and terrific bodies. Now old enough to be their grandmother, I still look at them with a cheeky smirk on my face. I don’t consider this deviant as I keep my lust private, believing many footballers, both male and female, are physically beautiful.

However, I acknowledge their skills and acumen as players whose athleticism and artistry I envy.

Calling out these trolls as reprehensible is one thing, but as a society we need more honest discussions about matters sexual to inspire people to see each other beyond the superficial.