Justice a blight on Israel

THE “farce” of the judiciary and medical fields in Israel is a national shame for the country.

It now behoves Scott Morrison to exert strong and uncompromising pressure on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, to have Malka Leifer extradited to Australia. (“Israel must end Leifer debacle” Opinion, Oct 9).

However, one tragic truth about Israel is that Netanyahu himself awaits the outcome of criminal charges, for bribery and receiving gifts. The Israeli police have determined there is a case against him, but the country’s attorney-general has delayed any decision on proceedings.

While Israel can be applauded as a democracy in the Middle East, right now its legal system is not just a debacle, but a disgrace, impugning its status as a genuine democracy.

One can only ponder what the underlying motivation is with the powerful, political elite in Israel that have so far protected Leifer and also allowed Netanyahu not to face court.