Letter of the Day

Dreams come true

UNDOUBTEDLY, the movie Ride Like A Girl is an inspiring story for female jockeys who aim to win the Melbourne Cup, as Michelle Payne did as the first of her gender

The Cup win of Craig Williams on Tuesday aboard Vow and Declare is no less inspiring.

At his 16th attempt in the race, Williams’ success is testament to persistence, perseverance and patience, a psychological mindset that didn’t succumb to defeat despairingly or hopelessly over the 15 previous attempts.

Furthermore, his dedication, discipline and determination are to be applauded, if not celebrated, as valuable lessons for young people aspiring to achieve their dreams, irrespective of gender.

Having just watched Payne’s dream come true on the track on celluloid and reading about Williams’ never-say-die attitude, both stories reflect the hard work, self-belief, resilience and transcending adversity for both jockeys, albeit of a different kind.

Holding on to one’s dreams, despite seemingly insurmountable odds, should evoke a never-give-up perspective for most of us.