Truth should be at the forefront in search for a voice

(This was the lead letter)

Ascertaining the truth about indigenous Australian is of paramount importance, but as Chris Kenny (“Truth is at the heart of an indigenous voice”, 23/11) articulates so lucidly, the truth is usually complex, even difficult to perceive and know.

That Indigenous Australians Minister Ken Wyatt accepts that Bruce Pascoe is indigenous obfuscates an attempt to identify the truth. Furthermore, indigenous people can be infused with opposing opinions about not just a voice, but how to implement and create that voice.

Perhaps understanding a concept of truth as determined by diversity of thought and belief instead of believing it to be absolute may contribute more to achieving recognition and reconciliation for indigenous people.

Moreover, truth can change in the perspective in which we view it over the years and appreciating that as a reality could be more advantageous than deciding on a simple definition.