Some virtue in signal

IT is not just cowardice that affects corporate virtue signalling and ideological support, but appalling ignorance and blindness to the realpolitik of the BLM and many countries, as Rita Panahi articulates (“Radical reality behind the BLM movement”, Opinion, 24/6).

Disappointingly however, many who joined the Black Lives Matter protests were also naïve about the organisers’ Marxist beliefs, but that notwithstanding, the protests did succeed in focusing attentiuon on racism in our society.

One only has to read and hear what Carlton footballer Eddie Betts continually contends with, to appreciate that racism is still extant and causes hurt, pain and suffering.

It might be that many well-meaning people attended the BLM protests and eradicating racism in this country still has a long way to go.

It seems important, if not imperative, that political extremists educate themselves about the brutality of countries they supposedly support, acquiring real information and knowledge to enhance their quest for fairness and justice for our indigenous people. Ditto for corporations and celebrities who stupidly follow the flock.