Agree to disagree

IT seems a disappointing, if not unfortunate truth, that “it is impossible these days for many people to have a civil disagreement about any political issue” as David Penberthy so clearly articulates (“Can we agree to disagree? Or not?, Opinion, 15/11).

Appreciating another’s point of view can contribute greatly to one’s own understanding, knowledge and wisdom.

To dismiss contrary opinions without reasonable discussion or thoughtful debate can actually inhibit one’s personal development and growth, fostering an intransigence and arrogance.

It is indeed “dangerous” to adopt a zealous attitudes that denies voices of difference, as Penberthy asserts.

For the world to become more peaceful and harmonious, with less angry conflict and ugly violence, it seems imperative to engage in sensible and mature dialogue with others, agreeing afterwards perhaps, to disagree.

There may be no “brie” to offer.