Republic could unite us

JUSTIN Quill articulates not only a smart solution to the future of Australia, but also a sagacious one by suggesting a republic would resolve the divisive date of Australia Day (“division could be solved”, Opinion, 25/1).

The country’s leaders and populace should initiate fresh debate about a republic; comprehending that we need to “stand entirely on our own” with “a day to truly celebrate” for everyone living in this country.

Understandably, it seems a tragic truth Indigenous Australians will never be able to accept this country as a once British colony, but ironically, the present reality is that in many ways, we still are.

With a British head of state, it is impossible to genuinely think of ourselves as a truly independent and autonomous nation.

After more than 200 years, all Australians should acknowledge past ignominies towards Indigenous peoples to forge a more exciting and unified future as one people, with a new flag incorporating the Indigenous as the first nation of this country. This new flag could reflect our complex history and current pluralistic, multicultural society.

It is surely time to appease the ongoing acrimonious angst caused by Australia Day and appreciate that moving forward with a whole new agenda for this country not only affords hope and optimism about tomorrow, but evokes the opportunity in the world for countries to recognise Australia as an entity in its own right, with all the riches and resources of its land and diverse peoples.

United we stand, divided we fall, could never be more apposite.