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Search for truth could do more harm

THE problem with the presumption of innocence for Christian Porter is that this presumption can never be tested in a court of law.

With NSW police having closed the case for lack of admissible evidence, the reality is we will never know the truth about the allegation against the Attorney-General, or even have an opportunity to consider any evidence ourselves.

At the same time however, it is appalling that sections of the media are undertaking their own trial by having no regard for the law or even respect for the man in question.

It is truly a lamentable state of affairs whereby such a serious allegation will go unproved and unsubstantiated to the detriment of us all.

Labor calling for a government inquiry is also futile, and would cost a lot of money.

With the accuser dead, there would be no genuine opportunity to establish the truth either.

Sadly, we need to face this unfortunate conundrum and accept that many questions will remain unanswered and shrouded by obfuscation that can satisfy nobody.

This is a tragedy for everyone impacted by the allegation and the accuser’s death.

Nonetheless, it is time to move on.