Trading in happiness

TRADITIONALLY, tradies have not attracted much status or privilege in our society, with university-educated so-called professionals, such as doctors, lawyers and engineers, usually credited with far more brains and brilliance.

Jane Trotta’s decision to abandon archaeology to become a welder (HS, 29/7) not only flouts that traditional perspective, but highlights the importance of enjoying one’s work irrespective of social perceptions.

Employed in communications at a leading Melbourne TAFE for seven years until 2007, I interviewed many students across the institution who had initially enrolled at university but dropped out to pursue a hadns-on career and, like Jane, thrived on being challenged with greater practical and dextrous demands.

Perhaps young people and their families should learn more about the rich and stimulating education trades can offer instead of just promoting university as the apex of achievement.

The pandemic upheaval has been good news for some people.