Letter in box

End pretence of tolerance to beat racism

The reality of racism is, indeed, heartbreaking, not only for footballers such as Eddie Betts, but for so many Indigenous people who experience abuse, discrimination and disadvantage (“Eddie’s plea”, HS, 11/8).

While most Australians embrace multiculturalism as valuable for this country’s socio-economic prosperity, it is unfortunately true some ignorant, bigoted and stupid others remain oblivious to Indigenous humanity, unable to celebrate their uniqueness as individuals and their great contribution.

It seems inclusiveness is respected as a basic right, but one doesn’t have to probe very deeply to appreciate how fickle and fatuous that respect really is.

With Taylor Walker acknowledging his racist slur, culpable others should also confront their prejudice. Perhaps it is time to lift the shroud of silence that covers an innate racism and expose it as real. It is time to stop the pretence of being tolerant and accepting when Betts’ testimony of abuse “last week and the week before that” clearly highlights its fallacy.