Letter of the Day

Actions say it all

THE tragic truth about the cause/s of Victorian Senator Kimberley Kitching’s heart attack will always be shrouded in uncertainty, though with continual speculation (“Clash over mean girls”, HS, 17/3).

Irrespective of her known health problems, “significant stress”, engendered by her private “mean girls” perspective, may have been a major contributing factor, possibly the final, fatal one. Reasonable doubt will prevail. Nonetheless, Anthony Albanese fails to appreciate that Kitching’s “mean girls” label does not of itself imply that Wong, Keneally and Gallagher were not “strong, articulate, principled women”.

Her choice of words do not contradict his choice of words about them, but to call her semantics “extraordinarily disrespectful” misses the sad irony about their disrespect towards her. Obviously, they are females, “girls” perhaps inappropriate, and “mean” or not, the reality was they didn’t support her, cruelly, if not contrarily, undermining her endeavours.

Many labels can be misleading, misguided and clearly wrong, but as the adage says, actions speak louder than words, and theirs certainly did amid the political “warfare” in the Labor Party.