Letter of the Day

Lesson for us all

As a reporter with this newspaper’s forerunner, The Sun News Pictorial, I was taken on a “tour” of the Royal Children’s Hospital to write an article for the Good Friday Appeal.

Then 21 with no children, I was both saddened at seeing so many ill kids, but at the same time profoundly heartened by the care and attention these kids received around the clock.

Moreover, it was joyful to learn that most of the kids could leave their hospital beds and go home to be well again.

That “Milla doesn’t think twice with three legs”, (HS, 7/4) is testament not just to her as an “independent, happy and confident” “star bush kinder graduate”, but to her parents and the medical team and their inspiration for her future.

With many adult Victorians deriding their difficult circumstances over the past two years, and the negative effect on their children, it seems important they acknowledge their reasonable good health and that of their offspring. Maintaining an optimistic perspective is paramount for wellbeing.

While “Milla just had a go”, I suggest we don’t “think twice about it” either and go online to donate to the appeal so kids such as Milla can thrive and “keep up with the other kids”.