Letter of the Day

Alter our attitudes

THE media “commentariat” focus on “bad boy” Jordan De Goey disrespecting women perhaps demands a refocus.

It seems many girls suffer from low self-esteem and a lack of self-belief as well as confidence in competing equally with boys, at least in maths (“Gender bias hurts pupils”, HS, 22/6).

While “teachers feel sorry for less confident girls”, understanding why these girls feel so should be imperative. That girls’ “increased anxiety can come from exposure to gender stereotypes, especially those transmitted by female teachers”, indicates some stereotypes are still thriving across society, not just in football.

With adult, female teachers apparently having “negative attitudes” to maths, we must learn why some stereotypes remain so stubbornly hard to shift out of our social milieu.

Achieving a realistic sense of gender equality with mutual self-respect should not disrespect boys for greater competency at maths, or even for antics at a nightclub. Ensuring girls are nurtured to feel confident, self-assured and secure in their abilities and choices in life should be socially and educationally prioritised.

Marking boys “down” is no way to help girls rise up, at home, at school or at play.