Got the (navy) Blues

A sense of “polite” sarcasm seems to pervade Mark Robinson’s perception in The Tackle (“Blues, gallantry doesn’t cut it”, HS, 8/8). Once an inveterate Blues “believer”:, that belief evaporated decades ago, no longer even frustrated, just disgusted and amused by their consistent “comedy of errors” on the field. Full of “dislikes” for their disappearance “for three quarters” at the Gabba, there was NO “fight” at all. I suggest Voss and the club invest in some pink, silk slippers, while “kicking” their “concrete boots” accurately into the closest rubbish bin and purchasing Araldite for their “rubber hands”. I never did contemplate buying finals tickets! Yet unpredictably, they could beat the Dees this Saturday night, and that’s why I still love our great game!