Letter of the Day

Success? Hard work

CLEARLY, Gary Martin’s comment that being “passionate about something does not mean we will be good at it” seems reasonable and realistic (“Passions can be a job chore”, Opinion, 27/9).

However, career advice by parents, teachers and counsellors is unfortunately too often based on ignorance- not just about the student, but about the nature of many careers and what they demand for excellence.

Can any young person, and moreover an older adviser, be really sure of that person’s skills, talents and abilities at such a young age?

It is not about instilling “false hope”, but more to do with limiting proscriptions about a young person’s development.

What could or should be suggested to students is undertaking thorough research into their passionate aspirations so they know exactly what the job entails, from the bottom up.

They also need to understand that it takes time, experience and effort to be good at a work role, irrespective of an ATAR score.

There is no such thing as overnight stardom for sports stars or actors.

While following one’s dream may have “inherent flaws”, appreciating the myriad layers of most jobs, and the hard work invoked, seems integral for the dream coming true. Ask Ash Barty and many others.