“Vanity, thy name is woman…” – but should be Man!
For bless their hearts the dear menfolk of this world are just as vain as women, but too proud to admit it.
And, according to visiting American plastic surgeon Dr John M. Goin, that’s the absolute truth.
Dr Goin is in Melbourne for the fifth international congress of plastic and reconstructive surgery at the Southern Cross Hotel.
He says the so-called satisfied males are really jealous that their women have the privilege to spend hours before a mirror undergoing all sorts of incredible beauty preparations.
“I have many women coming to my practice in Los Angeles for cosmetic surgery –they are completely relaxed and not at all bashful about it,” he said.
“But the men-ah, that is something different.
“They are shy and embarrassed about wanting to get that bump off their nose or have a hair transplant.
“They seem to regard it as an insult to their male ego.
“They usually try to keep the whole thing a secret and go away for a ‘holiday’”.
But plastic surgery is more than just a matter of a bump of a nose.
Canadian visitor, Dr R Langston, 72, said it represented “A fantastic step forward for human happiness.’”So many people would be living in misery as freaks if it wasn’t for plastic surgery,” he said.
“Not just aesthetically but medically- for it involves brain tumors, cancers, and treatment and correction of physical deformities that hamper health.”
More than 180 delegates are expected at the congress which starts today.