A YOUNG man with a loud-hailer was calling their attention.
“Darkies to the left, blondes to the centre. And grey-tops and redheads can follow the blondes.”
“What?” asked passing students.
“What, indeed,” answered the young man.

Yesterday the public affairs committee and the halt all racial tours committee at Monash University organised a “segregated door entrance system to their Union building.”
“It was designed to highlight the absurdity and madness of apartheid, organiser Michael Little, 19, said.
“We wanted to make the students aware of how ridiculous apartheid is.”

On entrance to the Union, large cardboard signs were posted:-
• Blondes only (whites) through one door
• Brunettes only (coloreds) through the other.

“And the students were only too willing to oblige.
“Having to go through this mad-door scheme makes the students realise how unfair discrimination is,” Simbarashe Mumbengegwi, 25, of Rhodesia, said.
“For what is the difference between the color of your hair or the color of your skin?”

The scheme was organised to coincide with the arrival of the Springbok rugby union team in Perth early tomorrow.