I have had 40 great years supporting the Carlton Football Club, including seeing them win eight premierships. I certainly cannot complain, even including this year’s wooden spoon catastrophe. But like Robert Walls (Sport, 26/11), I am “angry” at the previous board-more profoundly John Elliott-for wreaking financial and football havoc with my beloved club.
Now, however, is a test of courage and strength for all those associated with the Blues. Football has taught me a lot about life off the field, particularly about fighting spirit and dedication, tenacity and the power of positive thinking- and above all, that the impossible can become the possible with the right attitude and commitment.
In 1970, I stood at the MCG and cried tears of sadness at half-timer when Collingwood was belting Carlton in the Grand Final. Just two quarters later when the final siren sounded, my tears had changed to those of joy and ecstasy. I nearly left the ground at half-time in despair but, believing the Blues could and would fight back, I stayed and saw history made. No other team has ewver come from such a deficit at half-time (44 points) in a Grand Final and won. Let all Carlton supporters and everyone at the club remember those halcyon days and how down and out we appeared at half-time. Winning seemed like an impossible dream-but we did it.
The Blues might be down and out now, but the test of a great club, of great character and great strength, is to transcend adversity and win, in life as on the football field. Let the history of the past inflame our passion and commitment for the future and we will regain our glory.
I know that Carlton can do it and I’ll certainly be there to watch my boys. And where will John Elliott be?
Home, I hope, alone.