Blues go way back

In footy speak, there’s an old maxim: trouble on the field reflects trouble off the field, however unconscious for the Carlton Football Club. As a Blues supporter for more than 50 years, I contend Brendon Bolton may be just a convenient scapegoat for the errant decisions by many in the club, from the board down.

Since the 2002 debacle of the salary cap and the on-field woes that ensued, the club has supposedly adopted a new philosophy that does not seem manifest in its recruitment of players, nor in its weekly performance.

I can only hope the review it conducts includes everyone being self-critical and honest and maybe even acknowledging some board members need to educate themselves about football.

This instruction should focus on the psychology that pervades a top team, as while skills and physical prowess are integral, understanding how to inspire self-belief, confidence and team spirit are as paramount.

Sadly, the club seems lacking in all these aspects of the game.