Letter of the day

Inner love the key

UNDOUBTEDLY, some psychosocial factors contribute to suicidal behaviours, but what’s really imperative is to develop a strong sense of self (“Let’s talk about the blokes who take their lives”, Opinion, Aug 1)

The tragic truth about many men is their perception of self is based on the stereotype of a successful man that includes a family, a home, a financially rewarding job and all manner of material manifestations.

Understanding what’s paramount in feeling good about oneself is to appreciate an inner, even spiritual, sense of self that eschews external definitions of identity and worth.

Good mental health depends on enhancing intrinsic values that surpass the superficial symbols of success.

It is not easy to live contrary to societal stereotypes that enshrine these symbols, but at least acknowledging the positive psychology of living a rich and purposeful inner life may be a starting point to talk about to prevent more suicides.

Acknowledging what’s really significant in determining success is firstly enjoying a profound love of self that even a relationship breakdown, job loss or economic uncertainty, among other things, cannot diminish.