Letter of the Day

The call for help

A JOB advertisement for a “full-time senior psychologist” at Melbourne Girls’ College in this newspaper yesterday made me think about how many other schools may have, or need, such a qualified professional?

Recent public discourse about our schools has focused on declining literacy and numeracy standards, and inadequately trained teachers.

But there may be a more profound problem – poor mental health affecting learning.

With one in five young women experiencing levels of depression and anxiety, it demands attention and care, but what about young men?

Are they avoiding these problems due to different expectations and pressures? Or do they deny these issues, however unconsciously, and adopt a stronger façade?

Given that more males commit suicide than females, it seems females might just be more honest in admitting their problems and going for help.

While it is positive to employ a psychologist in schools, maybe the overall discussion should be reappraised to consider the reality that increasing numbers of youngsters need professional help due to mental health issues affecting their education.