Quit masking the truth

(Lead letter)

THE confusing, complex and contradictory messages about the efficacy of wearing masks was convincingly detailed by Andrew Bolt (“Panic? Knock yourself out”, Opinion, 23/7).

As he points out, they’re now compulsory outside, but why, when the evidence suggests wearing them inside, where social distancing is difficult, is far more practical and a more valuable preventative measure?

Perhaps the salient point is Andrews and Sutton do not know what else to do now as the virus spreads out of control.

This is far more alarming and the fact that people under 50 are becoming seriously ill highlights that we all need to stay at home when we can.

Moreover, federal Deputy Chief Medical Officer Nick Coatsworth commented on ABC TV news that what was most important to curb the spread was maintaining social distancing.

This message needs to be broadcast loud and clear to all Victorians, irrespective of mandated masks.

It’s no time for hysteria and knee-jerk reactions.