We must be united in this fight against coronavirus

(Lead letter)

With another 532 cases recorded and seven more deaths on Monday, Daniel Andrews is in dire straits, with John Ferguson acknowledging his “genuine emotional pain (“Andrews’ hardest day, until the next”, 27/7). Irrespective of mistakes made, it seems timely, if not imperative, for Melburbians to heed his call and stay home when they can and stop violating mandatory masks. Apportioning blame now seems irrelevant, sick people must not attend work, and those with symptoms must get tested. The realistic truth is that no one can say with certainty what’s best to do except maintain social distancing and take this resurgence seriously. There will be a time ahead when the Andrews government will be accountable; meanwhile it is up to the people to adopt the safe and sanguine course of action, however difficult and problematic that might be.