Don’t neglect your health

RITA Panahi clearly details the serious, if not potentially fatal, risk of ignoring one’s health (“COVID fixation risks a broader health crisis”, Opinion, 12/8).

But with more than 1000 healthcare workers now affected with the virus, is it any wonder people are avoiding medical professionals?

Apparently, people have lost all perspective on their health as doctors have announced for months far fewer consultations relating to heart disease, strokes, and cancer, among other illnesses.

It seems timely to present a realistic perspective in the media without shocking us with the staqggering number of cases still in Victoria and daily fatalities, so as to put the virus in a context of other illnesses, as Panahi asserts.

Undoubtedly, more must be done to inform people of the danger of ignoring their health holistically by staying at home. I hope people heed her call.

It’s greatly reassuring the perils of aspirin were acknowledged in this newspaper (on page 5).

On August 12, the Herald Sun, as part of its Be Strong campaign, published a small letter I wrote with others under the headline: “Let’s become the state of courage”.

Realising how precious life is should be an inspiration to us all in these difficult times. The stories of courage amid adversity are inspirational, making one realise how fortunate and favoured most of us are to be in good health with loving family and friends in our lives. Acknowledge this is only temporary and not a permanent way of life.

It was attributed only to Paulyne; no surname.