Letter of the Day

Men must connect

TRADITIONALLY, the female gender has been perceived as the more emotional, interested in connecting with female friends to converse about their feelings and personal problems.

Sadly, males who do spend time out with other males usually converse about sport, work, politics and other less personal issues, often reluctant, if not unaware, of their need for emotional support and connection on a more sentient level (“Catch up with a mate, you may save their life”, Zac Seidler, Opinion, 7/5)>

These males can actually be “cut-off” from their own inner turmoil and pain, some turning to drink or drugs to block out their distress. For too long, men have been encouraged, if not conditioned, to mask their supposed emotional frailties behind a façade of strength and invincibility, only for some to be overwhelmed when it’s too late.

For men to offer connection with another, this façade must be exposed as a negative construct that inhibits genuine and meaningful interaction. It seems social discourse should focus more an disassembling this false narrative about males to foster a more honest and sincere portrait of men and boys as emotional and personal as women by inspiring them to get in touch with themselves.