Letter of the Day

Got the Blues blues

COACHES come and go, as do players, presidents and board members at the Carlton Football Club, so when will the Blues’ faithful abandon their support? Maybe it’s only a matter of time as years of disappointment turn to disgust.

In more than 50 years of barracking for ye ol’ Blueboys, I am sick and tired of hearing and reading the same dirge about “not being good enough”; it’s been glaringly obvious for decades.

A whole new psychology is needed at the club to stop the broken record. Football pundits often talk about how the game is now played “in the mind” and “above the shoulders”, suggesting all at Carlton reappraise their mental attitudes to develop a culture where consistently losing is just not tolerated or accepted.

Shifting blame week-to-week is not at aqll constructive; it’s a team game and all players should be accountable (“Blues stuck in the middle”, HS, 10/5).

Having said that, I watch their games these days laughing at how inept, inaccurate and even uninterested some players appear; earning megabucks for failing their fans on an annual basis.

It’s time for a massive rethink at the club for I too swap allegiance, as painful as that will be.

On May 17, Helen, of Knoxfield, wrote in the Herald Sun Text Talk: “SPOT on Paulyne (LOTD, 13/5), my fellow long-suffering Blues supporter. I only disagree with “swapping allegiances”- it’s best to walk away and punish the AFL.

While it’s gratifying another Blues fan read and agreed with most of what I wrote, I’m unsure how walking away from the Carlton Football Club would “punish” the AFL.