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Another “stolen generation” for Indigenous families’ a national disgrace perpetrated by well-meaning protection services. Sorry is not good enough.

On Friday, May 21, Alan Baker, of Mansfield, QLD, wrote in reply: “What is a “national disgrace”, Pauline (he spelled it incorrectly) Pogorelske (Letters, 20/5) is not that “we—meaning protection services” are supposedly causing another Stolen Generation but that too many Indigenous children are left in harm’s way in abusive families because weak, woke governments prioritise their culture over their safety.”

While I concur that many Indigenous children live in abusive families, surely protection services should be doing more to ensure these children can stay with their families in a safe way. The reality is indeed complex, but it is not “weak, woke” governments that are the problem, but tragically, the intergenerational abuse extant in Indigenous culture and governments of all political persuasions have tried for decades to change that culture without success. I don’t know what anyone can do. It seems extreme to take children away from their culture and families, and I believe more harm can be perpetrated by doing that. Enough said!