Documenting a disaster

DESPITE never voting Liberal in this state, and not voting for Daniel Andrews either, I am thrilled and grateful that Opposition Upper House leader, David Davis, has fought so consistently for access to the documents detailing reasons for February’s lockdown.

One can only hope that the notion of government accountability and transparency are of “significant public interest”. More importantly perhaps, that any appeal to the documents’ release fails so the quality of people’s lives, and their livelihoods, are respected as legislated in the Public Health and Wellbeing Act.

It can also be hoped that “the move (to release the documents” may spark calls for the reasons for all six lockdowns to be revealed”.

David Davis asserts “the secrecy, the cover-up, the resistance by Labor (to block_ the release of these documents is disgraceful (and) a scandal; I contend that it is an ironic indictment of the government claiming future “health directions” could be jeopardised by releasing the documents at the same time as arguing the lockdown/s were all about protecting public health.

The terrible toll on both the physical and mental health of millions of Victorians has been massive, so knowing the reasons is paramount.