Protests more about ineptitude than concerns over the pandemic

Nick Cater’s article (“The tyranny of ineptitude drives more to the streets, 23/11) is a brilliant exposition not just about the ineptitude of the Victorian government, among others around the world, but the gullibility of so many supposedly smart politicians adhering to “public health” advice to manage the pandemic.

As Cater points out, “it is hard to think…(of one such) official who deserves to…be rewarded (a medal) for their advice”. Highlighting the hollow, meaningless sham of Daniel Andrews’ rhetoric and the ensuing reality of thousands of Covid-19 cases despite vaccinations, it seems “today’s idiots” are actually the so-called political leaders who are engendering “huge demonstrations” in city streets, albeit unwittingly.

Perhaps the inconvenient truth these leaders do not, or cannot, confront is that the virus is its own master and beyond their control. It is at least reassuring that more people  are protesting and I suggest they nominate one of their fellows to run for premier of Victoria in next year’s election. Heaven help us all if Andrews emulates Henry Bolte’s electoral success.