Janet Albrechtsen certainly makes a very pertinent point that the government did not deport Djokovic for having a dodgy visa that relied on faulty medical exemptions or factual errors on his arrival documents, but instead “chose to advertise the federal government’s attitude to dissent”.

However, by arguing that “logic is not a hot commodity when governments are trying to crack down on dissent”, I contend Albrechtsen unwittingly impugns her own logic by calling those choosing not get vaccinated “idiots”. This appellation disparages and disrespects the political right of dissent, inferring those people are less than sensible or even illogical.

Understanding the right to dissent in a democracy must not evoke any nefarious connotation, but demands acceptance and approval as an inalienable right for us all.

Whether Djokovic is an “idiot” for choosing to be unvaccinated is a matter of personal perspective, but his right to dissent should be paramount for political freedom in this country.