Missing in action

WITHOUT wanting to play the gender card, it is interesting, for want of a better word, that only two females rank in Australian sport’s rich list (“Simmons tops rich list”, HS, ¾) od 50 sport competitors.

Why? Is succeeding in sport a contradiction in terms for females, and/or are women not as aspirational for fame and fortune?

Moreover, are the many who do participate in sport activities content with simply playing at a low level that is less demanding, pressured and competitive?

Is the pursuit of excellence through competing against the best in the world not high on their agenda? I can only wonder.

Interesting too, that not one AFL footballer is on the list, suggesting perhaps that as Aussie Rules fans know, it is an Australian-only game.

Manybe this reflects AFL players are not chasing the megabucks of international sport, enjoying and thriving off a game that excites and challenges them on home ground, irrespective of big money.